Vehicle Inspection

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There are many vehicle inspection programs in Australia. It is easy to be caught out if you plan to sell or buy a car or move interstate. It is important to know how different vehicle inspections are across the country before you buy, sell, or move a car.

How often should vehicle inspection be done in different areas?

The vehicle inspection program that applies to your car depends on where you live. It is important to verify if your car needs to be inspected again if you plan on moving it from one state or territory to another.

  • Northern Territory

Transferring a vehicle less than five years old from another state or territory is possible without an inspection. Vehicle inspections are not required for vehicles less than five years of age. A second inspection is necessary once the vehicle has ten years. Vehicles older than ten years must be inspected annually. Vehicles older than ten years old that have been transferred from an interstate registration to an NT one must be inspected and proof of ownership documentation provided.

  • Victoria

It is a good idea to have a RWC (roadworthy check) if you are selling your car in Victoria. While this is not an obligation for sellers, it will be required for new buyers to obtain a RWC. If you transfer car registration from another country, you will need to schedule an inspection.

  • ACT

The rules in ACT are very similar to those in Victoria. If you’re selling a vehicle older than six years, however, you won’t need to book an inspection. If the vehicle’s registration has been inactive for more than 12 months, you should also schedule an inspection.

  • South Australia

The rules regarding inspections are very relaxed in this country. If you transfer vehicle registration from another country or territory, you don’t have to book an inspection. All you need is third-party coverage.

  • Western Australia

To transfer a vehicle’s registration to WA, a standard inspection is required. To transfer your vehicle’s registration to WA, an immobiliser must be fitted or installed. Book a roadworthy inspection. In WA, police are more likely to issue notices to you for mandatory inspections and ‘call-ins’.

  • Tasmania

The rules in this area are also quite flexible. If you’re transferring a vehicle from another state, the only requirement is to have it roadworthy checked. If you have a vehicle with a registration that has been lapsed for over three months, or are clearing a defect, the RWC (or ‘roadworthy’) check will be required. Annual inspections are not required as long you pay your registration on-time. If you’re buying or selling a vehicle, there is no need for a RWC.

  • Queensland

A full inspection is necessary if you plan to sell your car in Queensland. You must prove that your vehicle has been inspected by a professional before you are able to sell it to someone. If you transfer a vehicle registration from another state, you will need to schedule an inspection.

  • New South Wales

The most notorious inspection system in Australia is found in NSW. To have your vehicle fully assessed, you must take it to an approved inspection station if your vehicle is older than five years. This inspection is called a Pink Slip inspection. It must be done before you can register your car. This applies to cars being transferred from another state to NSW.

What is the earliest time you can get a pink slip?

For all vehicles over five years, a pink slip or an eSafety inspection is required in NSW. You will not be allowed to register your vehicle if you don’t have one. It must be done at an authorized inspection station. The results will then be electronically recorded with Roads and Maritime Services. Your car must be taken to this inspection if it has not been five years old. The light vehicle pink slip is valid for six months. You should use it to renew registration within six months. You will have to bring your car to another inspection if you do not register it within six months. You will need to pass an inspection depending on the length of your registration.

How do I transfer my registration interstate?

The state you wish to transfer your registration to will determine how to do it. You will need to transfer your registration if you move to NSW or bring a new vehicle from another state. This can be done at any Service NSW Centre. This is a legal requirement. Even if your vehicle has been registered in another state it will still be considered unregistered. This could result in severe penalties. You will need to have your ID, proof that you are entitled to transfer your registration, original plates for your car, proof that compulsory third-party coverage has been purchased, a report from an Authorised Unregistered Motor Vehicle Inspection Station no later than forty-two days before, your application for registration PDF form and your payment. Transferring the registration costs $34 within 14 days of the purchase of the car or $157 after that. Additional stamp duty, taxes and registration fees may apply.


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