Taxi Safety for Travelers

When you get into an auto or other ride-share vehicle that is driven by someone else, you are giving some control to the driver. Unfortunately, most of the time this driver may not even know you exist! Airport Taxis Weybridge provides a dependable taxi service throughout Weybridge and its surrounding areas. There’s always the possibility that what you think may transpire during your journey may actually come true!

  • Are you comfortable taking an Uber on your own?
  • Which seat should you select in a ride-share or taxi?
  • Are taxis secure at night?

Taxi and ride-share drivers are usually excellent sources of information about local customs, events, top entertainment venues and restaurants, among other topics. Taxi drivers also tend to know about safe and dangerous areas around a hotel or location you may be staying at; so why wouldn’t you trust their expertise? Taxis Walton-On-Thames has been licensed by the government for over two decades and Taxi Service serves all areas surrounding Walton-on-the-Thames, from Hersham to Cobham and Shepperton.

Taxi drivers offer great conversation and the perfect opportunity to practice your communication skills. Be wary though of oversharing though; they could give out your information without thinking it through, which could put you at risk.

How can you ensure your safety when taking a taxi? Check out these safety tips from experienced experts for taxi travel.

Be sure to inquire about the average price and tipping range before you commit.

Your host or hotel staff can inform you of the standard cost for your trip and what amount should be given as a tip. Becoming aware of what needs to be paid and confirming with the driver beforehand can ease burdensome payments when due. Most dispatchers provide cost estimates ahead of time so that you know exactly how much it’ll be before leaving home.

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Save yourself the hassle of calling a taxi by using an online service instead.

Some taxi drivers work independently and collaborate with thieves. The thief then texts the driver about your route, giving them full access to where the taxi will stop at a stoplight and enabling them to open the door and steal from inside.

Be sober before taking a taxi; otherwise, don’t try to drive yourself there by yourself.

After a night of heavy drinking, it may seem like the ideal option to hail a taxi and be dropped off somewhere, but doing so could put you into an altered state of consciousness which makes it impossible to defend yourself against potential attackers such as the driver, those summoned by him/her or anyone else trying to cause harm. Tragic stories abound of women being sexually abused, robbed and even killed after entering a taxi while drunk.

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On your door handle you’ll find a meter, badge, radio and door handle.

All licensed minicab and taxi drivers possess vehicles equipped with meters (to determine cost) and radios for answering phone calls to dispatcher. In many countries, drivers of taxis must carry and display their ID badge inside the vehicle; if you don’t have either badge or radio, don’t get inside.

Place yourself in the back seat, not the passenger’s.

Sitting in the back seat makes you less visible to drivers and other passengers, making you less vulnerable. If you’re travelling solo, sitting there makes you inaccessible, increasing your chance of not being noticed. Do you get car sick easily? Try taking a motion sickness medication from your travel medicine kit instead! Esher, Surrey is one of the many towns located within County Surrey in the United Kingdom. Esher boasts numerous taxi companies that provide transportation services within and around town; some of the more well-known ones being Taxi Claygate, Elite Cars A1 Cars, and A1 Cars.

Make sure you keep expensive items out of sight and in a secure place.

Though you may not be aware of the cost associated with owning and using mobile devices and applications, smartphones in developed nations are easy to acquire and sell. While using your phone while waiting for a taxi or at stoplights may seem like you’re being productive, but in reality this leaves yourself an easy target for thieves who only need 20 minutes at your next stoplight to break in and take possession of the device.

Before leaving home, be sure you know your destination.

Before leaving home, determine your destination and estimate how long it’ll take to get there. You can access this information online or via your phone; however, be realistic about your expectations in the region. Your taxi driver may offer suggestions of alternative routes without toll stations; however, if it turns out that the wrong direction is taken, be sure to leave promptly.

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Gain knowledge of the local currency.

Currency changes and untrustworthy drivers in certain countries can lead to cash being returned in worthless or obsolete bills. To ensure you know the currency and bills accepted in your area, ask a local (e.g., your host or hotel concierge) before getting into a taxi; they should be able to assist you.