Here are 4 auto locksmith tips you should know

Tip #1: What should I do if my key has been lost?

If you lose your key in your door lock or ignition and have the parts, it is a good idea to keep them. An auto key locksmith will make you a new key faster and at a lower cost. You should not try to pull the key out of the lock with the pieces still inside. It could damage the lock cylinder, which can be more costly. Your local locksmith can safely remove the item without causing any additional damage.

Tip 2: Should I visit a car dealership to resolve my key problem?

A visit to a dealer for car sales is unnecessary. Dealerships often call services such as ours to replace lost keys. They also outsource the copying labor, which is why they continue to charge customers premiums. You can eliminate the middleman by working directly with us.

Tip #3 I’m having trouble finding my car keys. The car is not locked.

A: This is important if your vehicle is stored in a locked area. You may be able to leave your car unlocked temporarily if your car is in a secure area such as a garage. The cost of having new keys made for your car is less than the risk of it being stolen. You may want to lock your car if you see it on the street or accessible by the public.

Tip #4 What is an immobilizer/transponder for a car?

Modern vehicles have an immobilizer system that searches for a unique electronic sign from the keyhead – the transpondertrip. If the vehicle immobilizer does not recognize the code or the incorrect code, it will not start. The car immobilizer’s digital signature must be recognized by transponder keys. To get assistance, call your local auto locksmith.

Locksmith Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to improve the security of your property? Smart Locksmith offers high quality residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services in Atlanta, Georgia. We also serve the surrounding neighborhoods. Over the years our team has helped many clients solve their lock-key problems. We enjoy working with local residents and property owners to increase security. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the results you desire.

Basic locks are easy to bypass

Easy to pick is the minimum standard lock that you can buy at your local big box retailer. Modern-day criminals are equipped with a variety of tools that can easily bypass regular locks. It is worth upgrading your locks to high-security models if you are looking for additional protection against home invasions. You might also consider installing outdoor security cameras and smart doorbells to help deter criminals.

You are responsible for the quality of your entry door

Your door can be bypassed by a burglar if it is made of low-quality materials. A security door made from steel, iron bars and heavy-duty wood is a good choice.

After moving into a new location, rekey the locks

Are you a recent renter who moved into a new place or work space? Are you a recent homeowner who bought a house? If so, it’s a good idea for you to rekey or change the locks. You can’t know who was given the key to the property. It is best to start from scratch.

Never leave a spare key unattended in an obvious location

Although it may seem like a good idea, hiding a spare key in the mailbox under the welcome mat or beneath a rock in a nearby garden bed might not be a bad idea. But criminals know where these hidden keys are. You can always count on a trusted friend, spouse or family member to help you in an emergency.

Avoid dealerships and contact a mobile locksmith to solve your transponder key or ignition problems

Many people assume that taking their vehicle to a local mechanic or dealer is the best way to fix a problem like a broken ignition or failed transponder key. Although this was true many decades ago, technological advances have enabled modern mobile locksmiths to have the tools and specialized equipment necessary to replace or program key fobs, fix a damaged ignition, and install new locks. Our mobile locksmiths will visit you at your home and provide affordable, fast and effective automotive services to help you get back behind the wheel quickly.

Do you need help with your locks or keys? Call Smart Locksmith Today

Do you feel it is time for professional locksmith services to be considered? No matter if you are looking for an upgrade to your deadbolt or need to install an advanced access control system in your office, or need help with an emergency car lockout, our mobile locksmiths are available to assist. Smart Locksmith can help you with any questions or schedule an appointment to meet with a certified professional locksmith in Atlanta.