Kushals Fashion Jewellery: Open a new location

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Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad

Kushals Fashion Jewellery is India’s most renowned fashion jewellery brand. It recently opened the largest store in India at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. Payal Rajput, a Tollywood actress of Rx 100 fame, inaugurated the store in the presence media and management.

Kushals Fashion Jewellery has opened its sixth store in Hyderabad, and its 37th in India. The store covers 3000 square feet. The store covers 3000 sq. Kushal’s Hyderabad also has outlets at Next Galleria Mall Punjagutta and Himayatnagar as well as Forum Sujana Mall, Forum Sujana Mall, and DSL Virtue Mall in Uppal.

Payal Rajput stated that it was a great honor to be associated Kushals Fashion Jewellery, and open their largest store in India, during the inauguration. Kushal’s has a wide range of options, ranging from traditional to modern designs. This is what I love about Kushal’s. There are so many events and functions that women attend. If we don’t wear the same outfits again, why compromise on our jewellery? Kushal’s has so many options that I don’t know what to buy or what not to. Every woman in Hyderabad should visit this grand store to see the vast selection. We are thrilled to open our largest store in India, Jubilee Hills. The people of Hyderabad love their jewelry and are always up to date with fashion trends. Our collection includes both Indian fashion jewellery and western jewelry. We recently launched the “Kids Jewellery Collection”. This is our sixth store in Hyderabad. We are thrilled with the overwhelming response from Hyderabad. We know we can cater to the growing demand of designer fashion jewellery that is both unique and high-quality.

Kushals Fashion Jewellery Brand

Kushal’s is renowned for its distinguished designs and intricate craftsmanship. Kushal’s prides itself in creating fashion jewellery for women. Kushal’s is well-known for its versatile, contemporary designs, high quality products and grand stores. Kushal believes that every woman can be fashionable and stylish. Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery is India’s most renowned fashion Kushals Fashion Jewellery brand. Its flagship store has now opened in Hyderabad. Payal Rajput, a Tollywood actress, inaugurated the store. He was joined by Mr. Tansukh Raj Gulechha (Kushal’s Managing Director), and Directors Nandish Gulechha (Dippesh Gulechha), Ashok Chopra, and Mitin Jain (Directors). This is Kushal’s sixth store in Hyderabad, and the 37th in India. There are more than 10,000 pieces of antique, zircon, temple, and contemporary jewelry on display at the store. Kushal’s is known for its distinguished designs and intricate craftsmanship. They are also passionate about reinventing fashion jewelry for women. Kushal’s is known for their versatile, contemporary designs, high quality products, and grandeur stores. Kushal’s believes that every woman can look stylish and fashionable.


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