Fashion Magazine Layout: Ideas for inspiration

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How to make a Magazine Layout?

Understanding the “why” is essential to understanding the “how-to”, or the process of doing something. These four principles will help guide Fashion Magazine Layout magazine layout design. These principles can be used in any order, and each one is equally important.

Hierarchy — How people consume information. i.e. what is most important. What are the key takeaways? How do you show that? This information should be obvious from the beginning. Purpose — This is the reason why someone should be reading your magazine. Your magazine’s purpose must be understood by readers. Does it need to be expressed through photos or words?

Readability — Your information and magazines should be simple to comprehend. At the very minimum, the purpose must be clear and understandable. Do you want to combine poetry and images or do you need to communicate EOY program goals for a nonprofit? Your choice of communication style and your end goal should be clear.

Balance — Chaos can be art. However, it is not always helpful or beautiful when it comes to graphic design. It is important to strike a balance between graphic design that feels cluttered or heavy on one side and graphic design that feels sparse or empty on the other.

Fashion Magazine Layout Inspiration

We have great resources and inspiration for creating a magazine that is both eye-catching and informative. Take a look at the 14 designs below to get inspired.

Magazine Design Inspiration

We have great resources and inspiration for creating a magazine that is both eye-catching and informative. Take a look at the 14 designs below to get inspired.

  1. Adventure Digital Magazine

Your Fashion Magazine Layout should feature immersive photography. If so, your layout, graphic design and magazine design should be more focused on imagery than words. This template for Adventure digital magazine shows you how to balance images and text while placing your photos in the center. This digital magazine template also offers scrolling text as an option. You can add long-form content to the pages without taking up space or distracting from the graphics.

  1. Aficionado e-Magazine

Because it is difficult to hold, traditional publications avoid horizontal magazines layouts. We’ve noticed that designers are rethinking this design with tablets and ereaders becoming more popular. The Aficionado template for an e-magazine is a great starting point for design inspiration and will give you some ideas for horizontal orientation. The columns offer many graphic design possibilities.

  • Divide the page in half
  • Be more inclined to one side

You can opt for rich photography and breathable white spaces instead

  1. Azure Magazine

The best thing about the Azure magazine layout design is its ability to be customized in color. Because of the blocky columns and bold fonts, the content is easy to read. There are many color combinations that can be used. Remember to use high-contrast colors for backgrounds and text. This magazine layout is a great choice for brands that have strong color palettes. Another option: Psychology is a great way to use colors to evoke certain emotions.

  1. Connoisseur Food or Fashion Magazine Layout 

The Connoisseur food magazine layout stands out because of the use colorful sections that are separated each page. It is possible to customize almost anything, from one column that is surrounded with photography to three narrow columns which jive side by side. You can arrange the layout horizontally or vertically so that you have multiple options. There is also ample space for delicious close-ups.

  1. Digital magazine Introspective

Never underestimate the power and effectiveness of the “less is More” design approach. This principle holds true for Introspective’s digital magazine layout. The magazine layout makes use of contrast and negative space to make a strong impression. This layout is characterized by stark, black-and white photography and large fonts. Because it is digital, scrolling text can be added as well as rich media like video. It’s possible to do it with film noir.

  1. Money Fake Magazine Cover

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on the cover a magazine? You can have fun with the Money cover and still get a magazine. The basic format is a large portrait placed in the center of the cover, under the masthead, and surrounded with intriguing teasers about the articles. The details, including the date, issue number and UPC code, are all correct.

  1. New Yorker Business Magazine

The New Yorker magazine layout for business is predominantly black and white. However, it includes a splash of vibrant red to give it a powerful accent. It’s art-deco touches and thin font set it apart from #5’s monochrome Introspective layout. You will notice the large white spaces and the scrolling text, with one quote highlighted on each side, in the single-column layout.

  1. On the Road Magazine

The On the road magazine layout has many elements that you will love. The first is the white border pages that frame the content. This creates a nostalgic feeling for the Polaroid photo in the minds of the readers. You might find this a bit too old-fashioned & Fashion Magazine Layout for you. This page combines two photos with no borders. This juxtaposition is fascinating, and it only provides a small slice of the view that stimulates imagination.


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