How it works “Car Interior Design”

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When you mention automobile design, most people picture someone sketching the exterior. The interior design must be as detailed as Car Interior Design the exterior. It should also be as comfortable and practical as possible.

Kerstin Schmeding is the interior designer at BMW and Mini. She says, “We do a lot more technical research into innovations.” We look at the latest trends in material, colour, and trim. It must be fun and beautiful, but also functional.

The interior design begins with sketches, just like exterior designs. These sketches are first drawn on paper and then scanned using computer-aided design. The most promising ideas are then made in clay. Clay models are still essential even though they date back to the 1930s. Schmeding states that clay is necessary because it is a car. It’s easier to see the real thing in reality than in a virtual model. You can tweak it and it becomes a dialogue between digital and clay processes.

Because of all the work involved in interior design, it can be difficult. Seats must be comfortable for all occupants and drivers. The switches must be large enough to operate the features and easy to reach. The designer must decide on the colours and type of carpet and fabric to be used.

Safety features such as airbags must be included in these seats, including the sides and above the windows. For the front-seat passenger, an airbag must be installed in the dash. It will be fitted with thin material to allow the airbag to push through the panel. The panel may have a seam line to hide it depending on the design. However, if the dash is plain, the cover must fit snugly so that it covers the small indentation.

Interior design must match the car’s theme. A luxury sedan will look different from a convertible or family van. The materials used will also be affected by this: The more expensive models will likely have soft leather upholstery Car Interior Design while the less-expensive family cars will have easy-to-clean, child-friendly seats.

The upholstery must withstand thousands of people using it, no matter the fabric. Extra-durable material will be found on the sides of most seats. This is where passengers slide in and out of the vehicle. It also appears on the console and doors panels, where they rest their arms. Every material is thoroughly tested for colour fading and abrasion.

It is important to choose carefully if there is a pattern in the fabric. It can draw too much attention if it is too large. Schmeding states, “It’s all gut feeling.” You see something, and know it’s wrong. The environment and the texture of the materials must be matched with colours. You won’t get the right expression if the colour is too bright or moody. It can also look old or dirty.

Even leather can vary depending on the vehicle. Cowhide is naturally prone to blemishes and scars. Plain leather is a luxury option for cars that are more expensive. However, it can create a lot of waste if panels are removed around flaws. An alternative is to emboss a design into the leather. This hides the marks and Car Interior Design allows the entire hide to be used. Designing a grain that looks great throughout is a difficult task. The design can also distort or look ugly when wrapped around curved panels. The leather supplier works with the designers throughout the entire process to ensure that the leather is performing as it should.

Carpet is an integral part of the cabin’s design and serves to reduce road noise. It should be able to be pressed into extremely flat shapes so that it will lay flat on the floor and along the sides of the console. To avoid the weave slipping when it is stretched over contours, interior designers must consider the type and tightness of the yarn. These fabrics are often used in trunks and must be durable and easy-to-clean after being in direct contact with cargo and shoes.

While interior materials should be functional, designers must also consider the weight of these materials in relation to fuel economy standards. Schmeding states that although each piece may not seem important, the whole thing adds up. Therefore, Schmeding suggests exploring different materials. “Leather is heavy so we can make a chair that’s leather combined with fabric. It’s a beautiful design, but it also adds weight to the car.”

Designers look beyond the automotive industry for inspiration. Schmeding however says that although her team looks at fashion trends, furniture trends are more relevant because they don’t change as rapidly. She says, “It is a long process and we cannot develop in a matter of months like fashion.” It’s always about balancing the technical and design aspects.

What is Car Interior Design?

Interior design is the look and placement of features in a car’s interior. A head interior designer oversees the work of the team to finish the vehicle’s interior. All vehicles should have a functional and attractive interior. Luxury cars buyers expect a well-designed interior.

Interior design of cars covers everything, from the fabric used to cover the seats to where the gauges are located on the instrument panel. Car interior design must always be safe. Safety guidelines and laws must be adhered to by car interior designers. Low pile carpeting should not catch on the brake or gas pedals. Drivers could be in serious accidents if they don’t pay attention to this important detail.

The car’s interior design should be in harmony with its exterior style and overall price. A car buyer who is looking for a family car with a simple interior would expect a straightforward interior. However, someone looking to purchase a sports car in a more fashionable style would want an innovative interior. A luxury car that has cheap vinyl seats would not sell well if it was upholstered in quality leather or rich fabrics. Vehicle designers need to keep up with the times, regardless of what car they are designing. Small ashtrays that were placed on car interior armrests used to be very popular, but today, many car buyers prefer cup holders.


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