Ashish Soni Fashion Designer

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Ashish Soni Fashion Designer Received a Bachelor’s Degree

Ashish Soni Fashion Designer received a Bachelor’s Degree in Design & Clothing Technology in India from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi in 1991. It wasn’t enough to make it to the 25th batch of 7000 applicants. Ashish proved that he is a skilled designer and entrepreneur, establishing his own label “Ashish Soni”, which stands for meticulously designed quality. Ashish soon launched his own label, “Ashish Soni”.

His imagination, creativity, and ability to design for women and men quickly earned his label a reputation for quality and style. Ashish’s creativity stems from a strong Indian family, which was enriched by western influences and a large amount of education abroad. Through his many exposures, he developed a distinct aesthetic that earned him a prominent position in the world Indian haute couture.

Ashish Soni Fashion Designer launched

Ashish Soni Fashion Designer launched his ready to wear label “as Ashish Soni” in August 1999. Ashish, the Government of India’s only selected designer, presented a Costume collection at the Millennium Celebrations in Khajuraho. Ashish’s Signature designs are characterized by simplicity, perfect cuts and a flawless finish. His unique and intuitive sense of style, his panache, and his originality combine to create stunningly simple but striking garments. Ashish is married Misha Grewal, a former champion in squash.

Indian Fashion Designer

Ashish Soni Fashion Designer, an Indian fashion designer, has a strong global presence in fashion. He believes in minimalist fashion and was a student of Indian Institute of Fashion Technology’s 1991 first batch. His first job was in the Indian fashion industry in 1992, when he started his own label called ‘Ashish Soni. This label was limited to high-end tailoring and film costume design. He set out to create a niche in India and establish himself as an icon of Indian fashion on the global platform. Both were goals he accomplished and managed to achieve great success in both. Ashish Soni was the first Indian fashion designer to be invited to show his designs at Olympus Fashion Week New York. He has also presented his collections at Tranoi in Paris and London Fashion show-Carlton Tower London 1998. His exceptional design skills and significant efforts to put India on the fashion map earned him recognition and acclaim from the Government of India. He was selected to display his collection at the Millennium celebration in Khajurao, 2000. Ashish Soni was one of the founder members of FDCI. He was anonymously elected president of Fashion Design Council of India in 2008-2011. In 2014, he was reappointed as a fellow member to FDCI.

Ashish Soni’s designs feature clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and a soothing palette of colours. His minimalist fashion style is in direct contradiction to the Indian fashion trend of embellishments and embroideries, but it also works well as a way to attract a wide audience. A whole new generation of designers is inspired by his attention to detail and obsession with elegant sophistication in designs. Ashish Soni labels fashion for men and women. His men collection combines a retro feel with modern sophistication.

His creations go beyond the usual neutrals and blacks, whites. They also use bright colours such as orange and dark plum shades to create a feministic pink suit, dinner jacket and Tuxedo. Ashish Soni’s womens collection is drenched with bright and pastel colors and printed prints. His women’s collections feature short, elegant dresses and printed trousers that can be worn without a peplum.

Collection Featuring Designs

Ashish Soni Fashion Designer collection featuring designs inspired by 60’s red carpet, concluded the Wills Lifestyle Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The women’s collection featured a mix of black and white, including fringe skirts and trench coats. The men’s outfits featured well-tailored tuxedos and dinner jackets. The Ashish Soni collection, Wills Lifestyle Summer/Spring 2015, showcased the creativity of this designer with prints. His eclectic collection featured digitalized bird-feather prints. These quirky prints were wrapped in elegant trousers for women and highlighted in trenches or knee-length dresses for men. Many Bollywood stars have adorned Ashish Soni designs, including Salmaan Khan and Kareena Kapoor.


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